Lesson 1: Racewear Rules

Individuality and fracturing the rules is what I think makes fashion fun. But before edging out the etiquette, I thought I’d research the racing no-no’s. To begin, the statutes are seasonal. There are rules for Autumn/Winter and rules for Spring/Summer.

Hat Etiquette: Cold weather racing needs heavier millinery – felt, wool or leather. Straw is strictly for summer.

Dress Dictum: In the cooler months track side elegance demands a knee-length skirt, hat and gloves. As the weather warms up the gloves can come off, the hat softens and shoes open up. But even in a heatwave, tiny skirts are taboo and summer sexy should be subtle. Make sure only one body part is exposed – legs or decolletage – both is a blunder.

Shoe Truisms: Wear shoes that you can stand in all day. Thou shalt not be the wined up woman schlepping her shoes at the end of the day. Also winter racing feels sturdier in a thicker heel then sandal it all out for summer.

Winter Look: Yeojin Bae dress styled by Romy Frydman

Winter Look: Yeojin Bae dress styled by Romy Frydman

Spring/Summer Straw sombrero

Spring/Summer Straw sombrero


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