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Dressing for The Dubai World Cup 2014: World’s Richest Horse Race


With just 8 weeks to The Dubai World Cup it’s time to start appointing your milliner for that unique custom designed topper and weighing up what to wear to as you spur on your favorite Arabian Purebred. The Dubai World Cup is the world’s richest horse race with a prize purse of US$10 million and is a luxe fashion fete. But here are a few tip-offs to fend off the faux pas.

Limit Exposure

Dubai is a conservative country and revealing clothing could be considered thoughtless. Hemlines should be knee length or lower and no bared bellies or plunging necklines. Floaty transparent fabrics where a little back-lighting brings to public eye your new knickers is a slip up of Kardashian posterior proportions.

Nightclubs a no-no

You may be the party gal at People by Crystal on the weekend but people at Meydan will not be putting their hands in the air for bodycon club gear and gaudy baubles.

Leave the gala gown at the palace

Elegant for a sporting day out does not mean long prom dresses and pearls. Your make up should also be fresh and not over smoked.

Always Be Ahead

Some racing festivals headwear chic is a small flower over the ear but in the Emirates with hats its millinery madness, go big or go home.

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