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Nerida Winter and Claire Fabb share their Spring secrets at The Stables, Randwick


Nerida Winter and Claire Fabb hosted a private evening at The Stables Sydney members club to share the racing trends you need to know for this Spring’s carnival. I was lucky enough to be able to sip champagne with some stylish ladies and admire the lovely hats. The top advice for the evening. Ask yourself when standing in front of the mirror “Would Audrey Hepburn approve?”

The trends for Spring:

Masculine Tailoring with a classic neat straw fedora

Ladylike dresses with hems below the knee teemed with cute boater hats

Punk Princess dressing with simplified crowns that have a cheeky twist or feather mohawks pieces

Watchouts for Spring:

Hats should compliment not compete with your outfit

As we all know, no felt for Spring hats

Keep leather trims to a minimum. Leather is generally too heavy for Spring.

Digital prints have had their day. Go bright plains.

Wedge or Block Heels. Never wear those plastic shoe heel attachments on stilettos. So tacky.

Hair should be up to showcase the milliners artistry. (Fabb, when styling Zara Phillips was told by Phillips that her nanna the Queen told her so!)

Have a great season!

168189760 boater-hat OTR_4298-600x666 images







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