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Dubai World Cup 2015 – What to wear to the world’s richest raceday?

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Racing returned to Meydan Racecourse for the opening of the Dubai Racing Club’s season earlier this month on November 6th. There are 19 racing programmes with the season culminating at the world’s richest raceday, the Dubai World Cup with a purse of $10million on March 28th.

Dubai racing is conservatively fashion-conscious but increasingly creative. There is a reinterpretation of traditional notions of what it means to dress modestly.

Be inspired by esteemed designers that have started to cater to the growing demand for stylish modest wear. DKNY released a collection during Ramadan this year that sold exclusively in the Arabian Gulf. With jewel colored, ankle length sheaths, floral maxi skirts and flowy jumpsuits, gauzy long blouses and wrist baring jackets the collection was pure luxurious elegance. Typically racewear rules dictate skirt lengths above the ankle, avoiding an evening gown look, but Meydan races are an exception. Just keep the length fresh with simple accessories and bright daytime colors.

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Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel Cruise Collection, unveiled this year in Dubai, gathered inspiration from the rich culture and patterns of the Middle East.  Lagerfeld’s collection was a romantic reimagining of Arabian Nights with opulent fabrics of beading clusters, layered geometries, tweeds and patchworks. Even harem pants.

Chanel-Cruise-2014-15karl karl2 9df0254d9cb6f32a3d7aa9585fc3b92d chanel-karl-lagerfeld-cruise-2014-2015-runway-dubai-uae-tweed-3D-flowers-palazzo-pants-harem-mesh-geometric-sweatpants-lace-crochet-frizzy-moon-dress-01x

Below are some ideas to keep it stylish and sweet. Top off the look with a neat little Autumn/Winter felt or wool hat.
Ramadan_june_2014_shopping_guide-10 Ramadan_june_2014_shopping_guide-14 Ramadan_june_2014_shopping_guide-08 Ramadan_june_2014_shopping_guide-00 02-406x600 a0e57804bffc03b9b2557b2015b34114   94ea21c1c0cd20e1e52dada8654afe94 images9 IMG_7918  chanel-cruise-2015-joan-smalls04 Freida-Pinto-Chanel-Cruise-2015-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO-2  553b8482554a67622287f826349378f2 images5

images3   images

Racegoers at Meydan are a varied bunch. Just like the horses, there are winners and losers.

But as the World Cup Race approaches, trackside style stakes sass up from tame to top notch.

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DWC 2014 Bubble 049 Dubai world cup  2014 _162 Racegoers on Ladies Day during day two of the 2012 John Smith's Grand National meeting at Aintree Racecourse-794042 Studio1IMG_0367 IMG_0544 AE0Q4458-728x485 12506327.cms millinery_hat_dubai_02  stylesteak0327_2_gallery 485555328.

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