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Sporty Chic with the Sydney Kings – What to wear to the basketball?

IMG_3020 IMG_3023

With Spring carnival a distant champagne memory and Autumn racing season a faraway 8 weeks, I decided to make a fast break and take the style search courtside with The Kings.

Up for something different with the chicas? A fun Friday night out with hip hop tunes and tall, dark, sweaty types? Head for the NBL.

Bring some style to your game with fashion tips from Beyonce, Jessica Alba, Katie Holmes, Kylie Jenner and Rihanna – all courtside regulars.

Forget jerseys, those are for the players. Show your colours without looking like a benchwarmer by taking cues from sporty, flexile fabrics, bold colour palettes, and striking accessories. In Sydney, purple is the palette of the people.

While we all love cheering on our hometown team (Go Kings), a basketball game is also the opportunity to create the perfect sporty-chic look. Slouchy chambray shirts, distressed denim, graphic tees, uncomplicated pumps, topped off with a touch of playful trinketry, a trendsetting beanie or a flash fedora. Courtside couture should be polished and fuss-free. The added benefit of sporty chic? After heading to the game you’re already all set with a cool weekend combo to head out to drinks with the players or maybe just party with the plain ol’ playas.

Insider tips for the keen Kings fans:

After the game, wait 20 minutes to meet The Sydney Kings in person on the court. Throngs of kids queue up for autographs. But as the youngsters clear, basketball bluffers bounce pass some flirty repartee with the ladies in some peppy one on ones. At The Pumphouse bump the cutter with the team as they celebrate a win with their fans.

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - November 3, 2012 bfc4c6cb2eb742f5a258e5aa6cf7c892

Kendall-Jenner-sits-court-side-with-Hailey-Baldwin-left-and-Gigi-Hadid Ciara-Rihanna-Courtside-Bas gal-land-157837367_10-620x414 Hilary-Duff-kept-cozy-plaid-flannel-top-black-skinny-denim Rhea-Durham-paired-her-black-quilted-leather-jacket-distressed    What-Wear-Basketball-Game

beyoncehatBeyonce and Jay Z at Knicks Game NYC

beyonce fedora

2XU – Mid Rise Compression Tights – all compression (Black & Reflective Silver)

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