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Marquee Sydney – The Ultimate After Party in VIP Style


If you are celebrating a win at the track or just a very special night out with your favourite pals, Marquee Sydney hits the ultimate mark with their VIP table experience.

The night started off as they all do at The Star Sydney, with a walk past brightly flashing lights, shimmering chandeliers and old Chinese ladies feeding the slot machines.

As we approached the club Marquee, Antipodean cousin of it’s famous Vegas namesake, the line to see big name RNB turned DJ act, Craig David, snaked all the way past the $20 blackjack tables almost to the food court. Girls in butt cheek length dresses teetered in sky high heels, happily flirting in the hour long queue.

Through the throngs of preening clubgoers the VIP welcome desk beckons like an oasis.

“This way, madam” cooed a handsomely dressed gentleman as we were discreetly escorted past the surly human security barrier and introduced to our personal host, Dolores, a sweet, buxom barbie doll. Jaws dropped. The red blooded males in our group go gaga.


As we settled in the special people area, the only place where there are seats in the entire club, we catch a cheeky wink from our buff personal security guard, Carlos. In addition to opening the secret drawer to safely store your phone and purse, Carlos holds the key to your table’s Grey Goose cabinet and escorts you to the restroom when needed, clearing the way through the crowds of punters, then waiting while you tinkle to then quickly whisk you back to VIP land. On the table to my left their personal ‘Carlos’ was giving shoulder massages. On my right, an old guy whispered that their ‘Carlos’ can fetch companions from the dance floor if you’re feeling lonesome. I think that one could be wishful thinking.

Dolores serves up a round of vodka red bulls and pops open the table’s champagne. Service is impeccable. More vodka. Spirits run impossibly high. As the BPM rises dancing climbs to the table tops. Hands are raised in the air like they just don’t care. Craig David’s mix hits some old school DMX. As I hear the lyrics ‘Y’all gon’ make me lose my mind up in here, up in here’ I think they must have been talking about life right in this moment on the right side of the red rope.

It’s a once in a lifetime experience for you and your friends to feel like Kim and Kanye for a night. Vegas big stakes life has come to Sydney.

Table prices on a Friday start from $800 and on a Saturday from $1500.

IMG_3806 IMG_3784 IMG_3780 IMG_3778

Looking for an outfit to wear to the VIP section of the club.? Click on the dresses below House of CB (and all around just $200):

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