Racing fashion

Spring Racing Carnival – What to wear this year? What to leave in the wardrobe?

Spring Racing Fashion has taken off like lightning with pastel colours, gentle floral prints and bold sculptural shapes at the forefront. Digital prints are so last year.  Stay away from distinctive patterns and styles you might have seen in shop windows recently at the mall if you don’t want to be on a who wore it best list. (Hint – it will be the girl wearing it in the smaller size than you). The fifties look is always classic but zhush it up this year with a fantastically modern headpiece.

Remember the basics:

  • Hats are straw or fabric for Spring.
  • Comfortable wedge or block heels to keep away that sinking feeling.
  • A small purse to pocket your winnings.
  • Derby Day is strictly black and white.
  • At the end of the day don’t be that bare-foot, bad mouthed girl hobbling towards the train with a teensy skirt riding up the rear.

Keep it stylish and scroll down the hot looks breaking ground this Spring racing season so far.

See you at the track!

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David Jones
Saks Fifth Avenue - AU
Free Delivery when you spend $50 or more at David Jones.

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