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Melbourne Cup Best Dressed Celebs and their fave Marquees

Melbourne Cup Day brought a $3.6 million win for thoroughbred, Almandin in a two horse dash to the finish line with Heartbreak City. In the style stakes the photo finish was between bold, simple colors and racy laciness.

Thoroughbred fashionistas Jodi Anasta in the Myer marquee and Jessica Kahawaty in the Emirates marquee jockeyed for top spot on the racewear runway with a close win for Kahawaty due to her glam plus one, her gorgeous mother.

Jessica Kahawaty, the host of Project Runway Middle East wore a strapless military green Christopher  Esber dress with oversized resin buttons and a Christie Millinery fascinator that looked like an acorn had fallen from heaven in a gossamer crinoline and perched perfectly on her head.

Kawahaty was the princess of the elegant Emirates marquee which brimmed with old money and established celebs, all nonchalantly roosting in the polished Australiana homestead themed room and majestic balcony overlooking the track. Emirates topped the day for the most well bred, genteel grown-up marquee . On Cup day, gathered around the four metre tall gum tree in the centre of the room was mob of who’s whos – from Foreign Minister Julia Bishop and to Gina Rinehart and Spanish actor and wife of Chris Hemsworth, Elsa Pataky, all nibbling on Victorian lamb loin with sheep’s yogurt and Sydney Balmain Bug ravioli.

Anasta, in shunning the fancy headwear for a simple Anne of Green Gables style bow, stood out from the fluffy pompery like a beautiful, fuschia lily. Her matching simple dress with a sculptural bell sleeve by Roksanda Ilinicic crowned her the belle of the Myer marquee ball.

If Anasta was the  fuschia lily, Jennifer Hawkins was a red rose. Hawkins rocked a backless Misha Collection red jumpsuit and oversized broad brimmed ruby hat. The Myer Marquee this year was filled with floral hues and a chilled out French atelier vibe encapsulating a swanky sexiness.

The Myer marquee unfolded the best of men’s fashion, starting with the Myer menswear buying team and including the hip waiters in their no sock, white sneaker look. Milliner Gregory Ladner looked tres dapper in his Valentino camo textured print suit.

Favourites in the lacy and racy camp were big brother star Aisha Jade, Gina Rinehart, Rachael Finch and TV host and new mum, Rebecca Judd.


Aisha Jade


Gina Rinnehart and Julie B

Fashions on the Field was taken out by chic New Zealand sisters Olivia and Charlotte Moor who were crowned the winner and second runner-up. Both wore lace detailed dresses and millinery made for them by their mother.

The best party marquee title was conquered by newcomer, Sensis and their top shelf music line up. With Melbourne’s word-of-mouth-band, synth-pop duo Client Liaison rocking the stage on Derby Day sporting their Less Than Zero indie dance electronica the crowd was going off. On Cup Day Bachelor Richie Strahan and Alex Nation cosied up and boogied down to the tunes from DJ/actor Alex Dimitriades. Michael Klim hit the dance floor and the young, funster crowd heaved until sunset to the sounds of renowned Los Angeles based DJ’s Havana Brown and Grant Smilie who flew in just for the day to amp up the crowd.

Indisputably the marquee making the biggest splash was Mumm with a swimming pool right bang in the middle. Olympian James Magnussen got bare chested and went for a little lunchtime dip, wowing the ladies in the tent.

Twists and turns of the acrobats from Rose Soleil added a flash edge to the french beach club vibe, pumped up by handsome actor/DJ Didier Cohen on the decks. Ex-Melrose Place heart throb Grant Show looked the goods, fulfilling some devious housewives selfie fantasies, the lovely Julia Bishop included .


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